Roselle Men's Golf League

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Roselle Men’s Golf League 2023 Rules and Procedures

League play will be Mondays from 4/10/2023 thru 9/11/23 except Holidays. Tee Offs begin @3:30 pm.

League Dues: Qualifying team member dues are $100.00. Dues for subs are $50, if moved to a team another $50 is due. Team sponsors ALSO contribute a $100.00 team fee.

MATCH PLAY will be played for the entire nine (9) hole match. Each hole is worth one (1) point so the total score of the match for both players when added together will always equal 9 points. Scoring for each hole is as follows: After adjusting for handicaps: If you win the hole, you receive one (1) point. If you lose the hole, you receive no points. If you and your opponent tie the hole you each receive one-half (½) point for that hole.

USGA Rules will be observed except for any local rules added by the Rules Committee.

The Rules Committee is the elected officers

1. Winter rules will apply. A player may move his ball, IN THE FAIRWAY ONLY, not more than three (3) inches without his opponent’s approval.

2. Out of Bounds: Example: If you hit you tee shot or any shot out of bounds, you have the following OPTIONS and these ONLY:

A. Re-tee or re-hit your ball incurring a 1 stroke penalty. If this is your tee shot, you are now hitting your 3rd shot OR

B. Locate where your ball went out of bounds. Use a GPS device, if possible, to determine how far you are from the hole. Then walk towards the fairway (no closer to the hole) and mark a spot 2 club lengths from the rough to determine your drop area. You can now drop a ball from knee high between where your ball went out of bound and the drop area you marked 2 club lengths from the edge of the rough. A 2 stroke penalty will apply. If you played a provisional ball this option is not available. OR

C. If your ball appears to go out of bounds but you are not sure that it did, you need to announce that you are going to hit a Provisional ball. You should also make sure that this ball is identifiable from your 1st ball. If you do not announce you are hitting a provisional ball, then this 2nd ball is in play no matter if you find the first ball in bounds. If your first ball is in bounds, then proceed with your next shot. Pick up your provisional ball. If first ball is out of bounds, then proceed with your provisional ball. You will be hitting your 4th shot. If you choose this option, then you cannot use option B.

3. Local Rule: Lost ball: One stroke penalty for lost ball inside golf course. A second ball must be dropped and played from the approximate area of the lost ball, consult with your opponent before dropping your ball. You DO NOT have to go back to where your originally hit this lost ball. In these cases, the penalty shall be (1) one stroke. Per USGA rules you have 3 minutes to find a lost ball. If ball is lost near to OB, it must be played as OB not a lost ball. (See rule 2 above.) (This is not in lieu of an out of bounds shot.)

4. Embedded Ball: If a ball embedded in the ground (not in sand traps) may be removed, cleaned, and replaced no closer to the hole without a penalty.

5. Penalty Areas (Formerly known as Hazards or Water Hazards by the USGA): For rulings on penalty areas consult Bartlett Golf Course local rule. (Exception on hole #13-A ball hit into the penalty area may be played from the drop area on the green side of the penalty area, incurring a (1) one stroke penalty, you are hitting your 3rd shot.) In all cases a (1) one stroke penalty will apply.  FYI: Hole #8 now has red stakes along the right side of the fairway.  This is now a penalty area. You have the following Options: 1) You may drop your ball 2 club length no nearer the hole from where your ball entered the penalty area. 2) You may replay your ball from where you just hit your ball.  3) You may play a new ball keeping the spot you entered the penalty area between you and the flag going back as far as you want. ALL of these options incur a 1 stroke penalty.

6. Local Rule: Sand Traps: You are allowed to rake the sand traps before taking your sand shot. However, the ball must be placed in the same position it originally came to rest.

7. Local Rule: 5 Shots Over Par Rule: At any point during a given hole if your strokes have reached 5 over par you must pick up. Your opponent has to complete the hole as well. If both players invoke this rule on the same hole, then the hole would be tied or halved.(.5pt) You would post the following: Par 3: Post a 9, Par 4: Post a 10, Par 5: Post an 11.

8. Local Rule for league purposes: Unless you are on the green and putting for par or a short birdie when a hole is conceded to you, you will post the following based on your flight: Flights: 1-2--post par; 3, 4, & 5--post a bogey; 6,7,8,9--post a double bogey. In all cases, the man conceding the hole loses the hole and then posts his score so that it will be 1 more than the winner of the hole unless you get a stroke then you will post a score of 2 more than the winner of the hole.

9. Local Rule: Over 70:  In the year you turn 70 years old, you may play the forward tees on the following holes: Front 9---1, 6, 8 & 9Back 9---12, 13, 14 & 15. This will affect which holes you will give or receive strokes.

10. Local Rule: Over 80:  In the year you turn 80 years old, you may play the forward tees on all holes. This will affect your handicap and what holes you will give or receive strokes.

11. Local Rule for 2019: Dropped Ball:  The USGA has changed the way you are to drop a ball.  Now instead of dropping at shoulder height, you are to drop it from knee height. For our league if you fail to drop it from knee height there will not be a penalty assessed.  If you do drop from shoulder height it is okay to pick the ball up and redrop from knee height. If you see someone who dropped it from shoulder height remind them of the new method.

12. GPS and Range Finders:  The Rules Committee wanted it to be clear that our league permits the use of these devices solely for the purpose of measuring distance, not slope or any other information that these devices might provide.


13. IMPORTANT: Tee Times were established based on when you said you could tee off. Therefore, you must make your assigned tee time. If you are not there on time your opponent must tee off. You are welcome to join him on the course to compete for the remaining holes. Any holes you did not get to play because you were late are forfeited to your opponent.  These are your set tee times you are not allowed to trade times between yourselves.

A. All scorecards must be turned in to the Secretary after being posted and signed by the scorer.

B. Rain Outs: If the lightning siren goes off everyone must return to the clubhouse NO EXCEPTIONS. You may finish the hole if you are on the putting green. However, do not leave until league play has been called by the Rules Committee.

C. If darkness prohibits completion of the 9 holes, opponents will settle their own matches based on holes played. Scores for less than 9 holes will be eliminated in figuring handicaps.

E. The number of matches that will count for a team’s total points will be the 6 highest match scores that night (or 2 less than the number of Flights) including any forfeits.

E. Each player’s team position will remain the same throughout the year except in the event that a player quits the league and his replacements handicap, in the opinion of the Secretary and Rules Committee, requires adjustment of the player positions.

G. Unable to Play Rules

Original Newman Rule

Missing person gets 0 points but team gets average of 6 highest remaining players and non-missing person must play to get either 5 or 6 points for him and his team.

New Newman Rule

Missing player gets the lowest points earned by the person in that flight for that night and the team gets the same. The non-missing person must play on the scheduled date to get either 5 or 6 points for him and his team.  

Types of Situations for Newman Application

1.      Medical Newman (includes death to immediate family member) - Prior to and including the day of a match that a player cannot play due to a medical issue i.e., ill, injured, etc.


2.      Declared Cart Path Only - (for those identified before the season starts) - Cannot play due to conditions requiring cart path only. 


3.      Forfeit – (Missing in advance of the Monday match with no make-up planned) - Player states that he cannot play on the scheduled match night and cannot make it up either before or after the scheduled match night.


4.      Post league night scheduled make-up match unplayed - Player states that he cannot play on the scheduled match night and sets up a make-up match with his opponent for which both are in agreement. This make-up match is communicated to the league secretary or president as required.  However, it ends up not being played because of inclement weather, course closure or other circumstance.


5.      League Authorized Newman (Officer’s decision) - For example a team loses a permanent player from the team, i.e., job transfer and there are NO subs available to take the permanent spot over.  The officers can deem the open spot a Newman situation.


H. Most Valuable Player : Will be selected on the Total Points won during the season including playoffs.

J. Flight Winners: Will be determined by points earned for all 14 regular played matches, playoffs will not be included.

I. Horse Race Participants: Will be determined by points earned in regular play less your lowest point match. The top two will be selected from each flight to participate in the Horserace. If someone is unavailable, then the next guy in the flight gets picked. The rules committee will determine who and how players are eliminated during the contest. (Rainouts may affect # of weeks used.)