Roselle Men's Golf League

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AWARDS: 2019 Monday night, 9-9-19, put a finishing touch to our 2019 golf season and this email reviews what happened including the season ending awards.

MVP 2019 Horse Race (11th Year):

Congratulations to Dana Rathman, a 5 man who was the last man standing by winning the 18th hole over Gary Bratko, a 7 man.  

10th HoleDennis Semro (1 Man), Bill Griffin (5 Man), Ed Castans (7 Man) & Bob Lapetina (3 Man) all were GONE with High Scores.

11th Hole: Gary Hrunek (6 Man) gone with High Score. Ed Hrunek GONE by losing a putt off.

12th Hole: Tim Baran (1 Man) and Carl Szabo (2 Man) gone with High Scores.

13th Hole: Mike Strawn (8 Man) and Dave Anderson (6 Man) gone with High Scores.

14th Hole: Larry Katzbeck (3 man) GONE with High Score.

15th Hole: Tony DeMarco (1 Man) GONE with High Score.

16th Hole: Bob Jett (8 Man) GONE with High Score.

17th Hole: Joe Shepherd (4 Man) GONE with High Score.

18th Hole & Last Men Standing: Dana Rathman (5 Man) and Gary Bratko was eliminated with High Score.

MVP Scramble: Congratulations to all the 40 men that participated this year with the following 3 teams earning the prize money:

(-5 under) Tom Warrick with Brian Varley, Bob Bodziak, and Tom Dunn. 

(-5 under) Don Bihum, with Clark Dickenscheidt, Joey Simpson, Steve Micatka and Jeff Moulton.

(-3 under) Dennis Semro, with Ed Castans, Bill Griffin, Ed Hrunek, and Bob Lapetina.

Most Valuable Player: Ed Hrunek & Bob Jett tied with 82 points followed by Bill Griffin 77.5 & Brian Varley 77.5.

Hole-In-One Award: John Wieszchowski on Hole #5 on June 17, 2019

Flight Winners:  1 men, Tim Baran 63 pts. (Won tiebreaker over Tony DeMarco)

(total points)      2 men, Carl Szabo 65.5 pts

                            3 men, Bob Lapetina 63.5 pts

                            4 men, Ed Hrunek 69.5 pts

                            5 men, Bill Griffin 66 pts

                            6 men, Dave Anderson 66.5 pts

                            7 men, Gary Bratko 66.5 pts

                            8 men, Bob Jett 69 pts

Most Improved Handicap: Dennis Semro (34.7% Improve 4.9 to 3.2), 2nd John W. 21.9 %

Most Improved Scoring Ave: Mike Strawn (6.8% Improve 55.94 to 52.13), 2nd Dave Anderson 6.02%


1st Place: First Half Team: Divot Dawgs

1st Place: Second Half Team: Golf Ops II


1st Place: Excellent 8 

2nd Place: Crusaders 

3rd Place: Divot Dawgs 

4th Place: Golf OPS II 

5th Place: Taegesville Consultants 

6th Place: Pivot Hawgs 

7th Place: Fly High Bounce 

8th Place: Sand Wedges & Chip In’s 

SUB COMPETITION Winner: Jeff Moulton